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Grooming is exceptionally important in hospitality industry. How you look, dress and present yourself expresses lots about your approach towards guests. Since you are the face of your organization, no matter what your job role is, grooming makes you and as an extension your organization presentable , it is a lifestyle that requires personality, charm, enthusiasm, a caring attitude and pride.
Grooming is typically defined as activities that includes caring for one’s appearance and well- being. Physically, mentally and socially total balance is important mind, spirit and physical health .First impression that will create lasting impression. It is also essential to make ourselves feel good and confident.
Our appearance is a statement of who we are. Our grooming should create a professional image at work and we have to be attentive to our appearance and posture. Grooming is the combination of style and discipline. In the hotel industry, polished presentation is vital to success.
Health and Hygiene are two essential concepts when it comes to the human body. Health refers to the state of physically as well a mental well-being. Health also encompasses the social well-being of an individual. Health is not just about being fit but also having the appropriate resources to live. Having a sound body and mind is an indication of good health.
Hygiene refers to maintaining good health through practices that focus on cleanliness. Good Hygiene helps to prevent the spread of diseases and illnesses. Hygiene and health go hand in hand. In today’s world, where pollution levels are rising and numerous diseases emerging, good health and Hygiene are a necessity.
Image Building: Working at a hotel means employees are the face of the hotel, so it is of utmost importance to have high personal grooming standards and be well maintained.  Reveals Positive Guest Service Attitude: If the employees of the organization are well groomed, project a positive guest service attitude there are more chance they will be noticed because of employees’ empathetic qualities, attitude and disposition.  Fulfils guest expectations: Guests expect a high level of personal grooming and hygiene from all employees which complement the facilities of the hotel. Delivers good quality service: Employees feel good if they look good and provide services as per guest’s expectations.  Boosts self-confidence: In hotel industry looks make a lot of differences. It boosts self-confidence and self-esteem. One feels very reassured when other people admire them and prefer to associate with them.  Guest Comfort: A pleasing face is nice to look at. Guests like to relax in the presence of beautiful things.
In globalization and highly competitiveness business planet, academic success, experience and technical skill does not bring the achievement in your life. Self-confidence, attitude, competence, trustworthiness and self-image give you the extra frame to get accomplishment. Therefore, developing self-confidence and image grooming plays vital role.

Always smile & let your smile be genuine as a smile that reaches one’s eyes can really break barriers • Always act with honesty and dignity • Be helpful and co-operative with each other • Say, “Please; Thank you; You’re welcome”, as part of your everyday courtesy • Take responsibility for your mistakes, apologies and go about correcting the mistakes • Never blame someone else if it is your mistake.

Hotel’s Generic Grooming Policy

  1. a) Hair: Clean, trimmed and neatly combed or arranged.
    b) Facial Hair (men only): Freshly shaved, mustache or beard neatly    trimmed.
    c) Fingernails: Neat, clean and trimmed.
    d) Breath: Beware of foods which may leave breath odor. Beware of tobacco, alcohol and coffee odor. Use a breath mint if needed.
    e) Body: Freshly bathed/ showered. Use deodorant.
    f) Make-up (women only): Use sparingly and be natural looking.
    g) Perfumes/Colognes/After-Shave: Use sparingly or none at all. Your scent should not linger after you leave.
    Personal Hygiene and Sanitation
    Every hotel employee has to really pay a good attention to his/her personal hygiene and self-sanitation, outside or within the working environment. Here’s how:
    1) Shower twice, daily.
    2) Use deodorant or perfume fairly, our scent should not linger after we leave.
    3) Shave or remove facial hair daily for male associates.
    4) Shave legs and underarms for female associates.
    5) Brush our teeth periodically during shower, after each meal and after having some cigarettes. Use mouth freshener if necessary.
    6) maintain our health by checking up to a doctor periodically.
    7) Wash our hands after each activity, especially after going to the toilet, before and after each meal and cigarettes, and before going back to our activities. Washing our hands is also very important before we handle any foods.
    Uniform and Name TagUniform is our company’s identity that we have to represent positively. We need to keep our uniform clean, tidy and free of stains and tears.
    Nametags make life easier for our guests and for our fellow associates. To guests, our nametags show that we are someone they can ask for assistance. To fellow employees, it helps create a positive environment when we call each other by name.Hair
    our haircut must always be properly maintained in a neat condition. We need to shampoo at least once every couple of days and most importantly, we need to keep our natural hair color. Other things that we need to consider are:
    1) Utilization of hair wig is not allowed.
    2) No hair-doing in the working area, especially not in front of our guests.
    3) Hair bangs must be kept above eye-brows, no hair covering your eyes.
    4) Hair accessories must be kept simple and black in color.

    Shoes, Socks and Hosiery

    Appropriately, we need to use:
    1) Simple plain black socks and hosieries.
    2) Plain black lace style or plain black slip on style shoes with low heels.
    3) Non-slip sole to avoid injury.
    4) No sandals, open toed or strap shoes are permitted.
    5) Well-polished shoes at all time.

Only plain simple black leather belts allowed no huge buckle belt are allowed.

Only clean, trimmed and well-manicured finger nails are allowed.
1) Nail longer than the fingertips are not permitted.
2) Artificial nails and nail arts are not permitted.
3) Only clear or natural nail polish is permitted.

Make Up
1) Present a polished, professional, five-star image.
2) Look natural, be well applied, with no garish colors.
3) Earth and Natural Color is highly recommended.
4) Appropriate amount of Make-up

Teeth Braces
Only clear and silver braces are allowed.

Eye Glasses and Contact Lenses
only plain simple black, brown or silver framed eyeglasses with clear lens are permitted, as well as only clear contact lenses are too.

Here’s how hotels or hospitality industries usually make the rules on jewelry:
1) Wedding & engagement ring is permitted
2) One additional regular ring also permitted
3) Simple in model
4) Plain, no stone/ diamond/ other additional material
5) Gold, silver, or its combination color only.
6) Large bulky rings & rows of rings on each hand are not permitted
7) Toe rings are not permitted

Tattoo and Piercing
Visible body piercing and tattoo are not permitted. Face or tongue or other visible body piercings must be removed before commencing every shift.

Industry Expectation
Companies and organizations in the field of hospitality expect that their whole employees will demonstrate their understanding on “how to keep our personal appearance always neat and clean“. This demonstration shall improve our self-confidence as employees as well as our concerns on personal cleanliness and hygiene, especially for food handlers.


when you will have to interact with both professional individuals, it’s important to follow the code of conduct of the hospitality industry and make certain a memorable experience for the guest and reputed business.
Hospitality Industry needs a clean, composed, and positive attitude. Keep a warm smile always. Personal hygiene and grooming in the hotel industry are very important, it’s engaging your guests, understanding what they want, and involving them better to make them happy and comfortable.
3. Enhancement and Interactive Skills:
Grooming is not only about your dressing sense or physical appearance, it’s about your overall behavior and how you carry and conduct yourself in public. Good communication skill and a warm personality always aid.

  1. Communication Skills:
    It’s the most essential quality, which needs to be work on to be a part of hospitality industry. Besides being polite, you also need to be articulate. Avoid speaking with your colleagues in front of guests in your local language. Using a different language in front of the guests may make them feel undesirable. Always, use the language that the visitor can understand.
    “Looking Good is one of the highest form of self-respect” Mr.Malla

                                             Grover Vineyards – Bangalore , India – Gajendra Malla

Newari Bhuwey in Newari Traditional – The Village Café – Jhaimskhel- Patan , Nepal

Best Personality of Year – 2009, BDF, Nivea – Doha, Qatar (  Gajendra Malla )

Awarded for Asia’s Best Vocational Training Institute Award – 2021

– Gajendra Malla
General Manager
The Village Cafe –  Jhaimskhel, Patan






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