Mental health workshop is needed


Kathmandu  /  Nepal Unites has been organized a one-day workshop on Mental Health collaboration with Global Unites and United Religions Initiative which is funding supported by Kowloon Union Church.

National program coordinator Mr. Rajan Bhandari started the workshop with an introduction, the objective of the workshop with all of the participants. After national director Mr. Mohammad Ayatulla Rahaman shared Nepal Unites and Global Unites movement, its mission, vision, activities, and how many countries are running Global Unites.

Mr. Manil Maharjan and Ms. Sandhya Khatiwada representatives from TPO Nepal ( facilitated Suicide Prevention and Emotional well-being. During this session has a discussion on many topics such as why people obligate to a suicide attempt? How is the feeling the people who are attempting suicide? What types of suicide? How is the behavior presented to the people before suicide? What is the cause of suicide? What’s the youths’ and organization’s role in suicide prevention? that all topics discussed in the first session.

During this workshop special guest Psychologist Dr. Gopal Dhakal appreciates to organized Nepal Unites team and shared mental health problems and illness is going increase and people are not secure with their wellbeing lives. Dr, Gopal got his analysis that the second leading cause of death is suicide in the context of youth.

Dr. Gopal said the last year 2020 and this year suicide case is increase 14% to 16% and normally every year 8% to 10% suicide case rate is going up on his finding. Mental problems suffered more in the age of 16 years children and adolescent youths than found in the research. The mental case is going up and all youth are at the risk. These types of activities are needed and responsible for every people and organization. And the government also needs to include the mental health topic in the school curriculum, Dr. Gopal said.

Ms. Grishma Paneru facilitated on Mental Health and she has been divided the participants into 4 groups and gave time for group discussion on what is Mental Health? What are the sign and symptoms of people who suffered from mental problems? Many of the points; the people who suffered from mental problems, they feel monotonous life, lack of interest, sleeping disorder, sadness, and show behavioral change came out from the participants. Ms. Grishma shares some ideas and activities to make for mentally strong.

In the last session of this workshop, Dr. Hulsha Paudyal (Physiotherapist) shared on Physiotherapy in Mental Health. And, also shared how physiotherapists provide health promotion, preventive health care, treatment in mental health. In this workshop, the participants got that physiotherapists also support the effects of physical fitness on mental and emotional health is extensive in this workshop.

One of the participants Kiran B.K. from the Dalit community said many suicide cases and violence cases increase in this lockdown. Many people lost their job, were frustrated, and suffered from depression. And give us feedback need to extend more time on this topic, everyone needs to aware on mental health and one slogan is sharing is caring, I think when the people share their mental feelings or whatever it can be reduce the suicide case in Nepal.

The Youths has been invited from different religions, ethnicity, and different background with gender balance in this workshop. There were 32 participants of which 12 were female and 20 were male participants including special guests, facilitators, and organizer team.

Nepal Unites Team gave appreciates all participants for actively engaging in this workshop. And felt it was a short time for a day only, so hopefully in the coming days will have more times to discuss. And lastly, a participation certificate was distributed to all participants by workshop facilitators.


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