Embracing Resilience and Patience on the Journey to Success-Dolma lama


Dolma Lama was born into a Tamang family in the Dolakha district of Nepal’s Mid-Hill Development Region and is currently pursuing higher education in California, USA. She earned her PhD at the American University of Sovereign Nations (AUSN).

Finally, this thesis makes recommendations for improving the well-being and healthcare outcomes of Nepal’s indigenous and minority populations. These include expanding access to healthcare, raising education and awareness, addressing economic and livelihood challenges, eradicating gender-based violence and discrimination, and increasing data collection and research. To meet the specific needs of these communities, the proposals emphasize the importance of cultural preservation, targeted COVID-19 response techniques, community participation and inclusion, and effective public health policies.

Dolma struggled with her rural upbringing in Dolakha, where education wasn’t a priority for girls. Despite societal norms pushing for girls to focus solely on household chores, Dolma, driven by her own ambitions, managed to attend primary school in her village.

However, lacking secondary education opportunities in her village, she moved to Charikot, Dolakha, to pursue her studies. She had to walk for 2 to 3 hours every day to reach school until she completed her School Leaving Certificate (SLC). Despite facing objections from the community about sending a girl outside the village for education, Dolma persisted and eventually succeeded in her academic journey.

Dolma is an example to her indigenous community, and it is my mission to assist these girls in their educational endeavors. In addition, they have authored memoirs detailing their upbringing and hardships. Their memoirs provide guidance for all the females in the hilly area who choose to pursue school. They have suffered heartache in order to study in this hilly area. They also hope to work in the field of education, with a mission to defend the rights and interests of our community.

Among the women in her area, Dolma is the first to complete the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) exam. Despite the hurdles, her persistence, simplicity, clarity, and self-confidence have shone through. Even amidst the busy life in America, she has managed to contribute to social transformation through journalism, especially for the Nepali international diaspora. After the global spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, she has been running “The World Nepal News” (www.theworldnepalnews.com), aiming to provide timely and accurate information to the Nepali diaspora.

Reflecting on her journey, Dolma acknowledges the support and encouragement she received from her family, which has enhanced her energy and determination. She expresses gratitude to her family for recognizing her importance and contribution, and she emphasizes the importance of valuing family support.

She advocates for equal opportunities for women and girls, as well as the prevention of all forms of violence against them, in order to build a civilized and prosperous society. In the future, she hopes to work in education to advance her community’s rights and interests.

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