Be change !


Hement Raj Kaphale / Hunger and even famine are not strangers in the homelands of Buddha and Krishna: Nepal and India where I reside. Despite political turmoil and unrest, the homeland of Jesus Christ has not been a cradle of starvation. A universal humanitarian agreement has seemingly protected the ancient lands of the Old and New Testament in the last 50 years. Although there may have been injured and scarcity; few died of starvation.

That sacred holy blanket has been ripped apart in the last five months. Hundreds of thousands of children face fatality from famine in their innocent bystander victimhood as Israel chases Hamas.  The world has recoiled from this tragedy including many in Israel; yet, the crisis continues. As I reflect on my passion to bring sustainable food to all, especially through cultivation of the moringa tree, I hear the words of Mahatma Ghandi, “You must be the change.” He accomplished the impossible: moving the mountain of British occupation and securing longstanding sovereignty to India.

Is not peace and basic human sustenance for children possible in Gaza before the tragedy culminates?

How can you be a voice of change?

How can you do right action for peace?

Each person may emulate Krishna, Buddha, Christ, and the prophets. How would these heroes act in these circumstances?

Lets live for others So hard to say about the latest situation of Gaza people . When I saw the news in television people dying of starvation, my eyes fill with tears and hope the world fell pain it is very melancholy condition of the Gaza innocence people . War is not a way of survival those who creates the situation they are real culprit of humanity they most be punished but please think about the poor ignorance  people women children who never know about the  war . Peace is only the way of world survival . I want to introduce   a miracle trees moringa .

I want to appel to UNICEF , FAO , UN agency, EU and other helping agencies of  the world   please think about the dying people by starvation of the Gaza  and please provide them supplement of food like  moringa powder and moringa trees for survival of people . Moringa is the way of economics and also the way of healthy leaving for Gaza ignorance people suffering of the people is real pain of the Earth .

Lets think about humanity

Be the change!


British English secondary school 

Green moringa campaigner

Nepalgunj , Nepal 


२०८० चैत्र १२, सोमबार प्रकाशित

निरन्तर समाचारको लागि तपाई हामीसँग फेसबुक / ट्विटरमायुट्युवमा पनि जोडिन सक्नुहुनेछ ।