Moringa Journey of Hement 

In Nepal people don’t know about health benefit of Moringa . Just they eat young  pods as vegetable but they don’t know about the value of  other parts moringa . people cut down the trees so moringa in Nepal was indanger When I was small we eat white seeds and drink water it gives us sweet taste so I was tempted with moringa
Once I was suffering from yellow fever (jundice) I waste a lot of money in that diseases but no way of care 2009 AD one old person told me to eat moringa green leaf for 20 Days in empty stomach  . I try it and I was fully cured then my moringa journey started
Moringa awareness campaign
I have distributed more then 60 thousand moringa plants as a free gift for promotion of moringa , and also gifted to prime minister, different minister ,  educational officers, police officer  and also honourable president of Nepal with the moringa gift.
How are you able to influence decision makers with moringa and after your meetings ,any feedback from decision makers to your communities ?
wonderful question  dear sir I gave moringa as a gift and give ideas to people about moringa gradually people got idea and now every house they plant one house one moringa and every year I gave them moringa conservation award by my side.
I have three nursery I sell plant from it and I have 4 farms in different part of country I sell moringa powder , and root pickle and moringa plants from nursery.
I have done research in moringa leaves for treatment in various diseases and my latest is of roots of Moringa
Health benefits of moringa roots : 
A Moringa root was used by early Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians for its therapeutic properties. It has higher nutrient quantities then seeds and leaves, but it also contains some alkaloids and phytochemical compounds that are powerful toxins. Consumed in large enough quantities one of the toxins can paralyze the nervous system, and cause death. So, we think that it is wiser to use Moringa roots as a medicine than as a food. If you decide to use roots as a food, remove the bark from the roots, because it is toxic.
Moringa Oleifera root
In some rural and tribal areas of the West Bengal province in India, those roots are taken by women as permanent contraception. It has been shown to inactivate or suppress the reproductive system.
Moringa root has a taste similar to horseradish, so it could be shredded and used as a condiment in the same way as horseradish (small amount at the time). But the harvested roots from Moringa Oleifera trees serve a lot of other purposes than cooking. Those roots are used to create medicines, perfumes, natural pesticides, fertilizers, animal food, cleaning agents, water purification.
Moringa Oleifera Roots are known for their antibiotic properties and based on that, they are used to treat variety of conditions and illnesses like Asthma, Circulatory / Endocrine Disorders, Digestive Disorders, Gastritis, Inflammation, Rheumatism, Nervous Disorders, Reproductive Health, Skin Disorders.
Some medical studies have been able to prove that some compounds in Moringa Oleifera roots can be successfully used in ovarian cancer treatment, as well as some hormonal propertyes to help with blood glucose level and Thyroid problems.
Is moringa roots safe for pregnant women? 
No ,  pregnancy mother must not eat moringa roots because it is harmful to the child 
What are your future dreams ?
My dream is to run one big factory of moringa
World wide I have mission of 8 billion moringa plants for free gift
I have got national and international award by this moringa campaign
How to enjoy moringa green tea .
Please boil green leaf and keep it on glass and drink always it is best for all diseases and for bone too.
(Article and  ideas from different researcher  shared by green activist 
and moringa campaigner Hement Raj kaphale)
What is Moringa Oleifera?
Moringa Oleifera is the most commonly known as “Drumstick, Chinese name is “la mu” (辣木). Nepali name is Sitalchini The tree of  life or The Miracles Tree . It is also referred to as Drumstick Tree in Indian. Moringa goes by many names around the world.Moringa also known as Mother’s bests friend. One of the  Moringa is considered to be the most nutrient rich plant on Earth with a variety of potential uses, these vivid green leaves are natures super-powerful foods, can be eaten raw or can be cooked as a vegetable, soups,pesto, pasta, etc or made into tea.
Moringa is life plant.
It Cure & Prevent 300 illnesses
100% Pure Dried Moringa Leaf Powder
17 times Calcium of Milk
15 times Potassium of Banana
10 times Vitamin A of Carrot
9 times Protein of Yogurt
4 times chlorophyll of wheatgrass 
25 times Iron of Spinach
Vitamin A to Z, Omega 3, 6, 9 Oil and Zeatin.
Moringa – Most nutritional food on land
Moringa have 92 Nutrients. The next closest plant has only 28. 46 Antioxidants, 36 Anti-Inflammatories, 18 Amino Acids, 9 Essential Amino Acids that our body do not produce
Moringa tree grows in tropical and subtropical areas, widely in Malaysia, Philippines, India , Nepal , Sri Lanka, Africa, Central and South America.The tree is slender with drooping branches, and grows up to 15-30 meters in height. The moringa tree grows very quickly- it comes into leaves at the end of the dry season, when other foods are the scarcest. The leaves can be cooked, which looks like cooked spinach, or dried, ground over a screen for several days, and ground into a fine powder that can be added to almost anything as a nutrient supplement.Moringa leaves have been consumed by Asian, India, Africa and Latin America as healthy dish food. The goodness of Moringa dried and grind into oringinal powder form, made in convenient capsules or brew it as tea form, has been available used in a wide range as a nutrition and healthy benefits products form from the dietary supplements to the smoothie mixes in many countries like Malaysia, India, US, , and Australia .Canada, England, France people use it as a super food 
Moringa benefits
Moringa oleifera plant is  a super food and almost every part is very beneficial — leaf, bark, seed, flower, and root — as tea, in soup, in powder, as snuff, as oil, as capsule, etc. 
Although, moringa has become popular as a leaf powder supplement, the roots, pods, bark, seeds, flower and fruits are also edible
Moringa is rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals. It’s a source of vitamin A, vitamin B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B6,
folate and vitamin C. It’s also a source of potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc and phosphorus.
Moringa is not in vain called the miracle tree. Here are some of its amazing benefits.
 1. Cures Stomach Disorders
Moringa contains isothiocyanates, which are very effective in the treatment of abdominal disorders like ulcerative colitis, gastritis
and constipation. There are studies which have shown that moringa can be used as an effective herbal substitute for a range of
commercially available antacids.
According to a research, it can effectively cure ulcerative colitis. Moringa also contains antibacterial and antibiotic properties which
prevent the growth of various pathogens, including helicobacter pylori bacteria and coliform bacteria which trigger conditions like
2. Protects the Liver
Moringa consists of phytochemicals like epicatechin, ferulic acid, catechin, and vitamin C. These nutrients are very helpful in
protecting the liver. They help to restore the levels of glutathione content in the body and also prevent radiation –induced hepatic
lipid peroxidation. According to a research, moringa leaves are effective against liver damage caused by anti­tubercular drugs, as well
as in speeding up the recovery process.
3. Prevents Neurodegenerative Diseases
According to a recent study, moringa extracts are effective in altering brain monoamines like norepinephrine, dopamine
and serotonin. It can even protect your brain from deficiencies which are related to Alzheimer’s disease.
4. Provides Excellent Nutritional Support
Moringa is packed with nutrients.
There’s 17 times more calcium in Moringa than in milk, 25 times more iron than in spinach and 10 times more beta­carotene than in carrots. It is also rich in minerals like zinc, potassium, iron and also in vitamin C and B complex
vitamins. It is rich in proteins as well­ it contains 4 times of what eggs provide.
,Moringa Oleifera is best for Stomach Disorders, Protects the Liver, Prevents Neurodegenerative, Nutritional Support, Treats Diabetes, Treats edema, E coli, Improves Kidney Function, Stimulates Hair Growth, Protects the Heart, 
Moringa tree leaves is absolutely safe and organic, and is suitable for people from any age group.
Moringa is considered to be one of the most useful trees, since almost every part of the Moringa tree has some beneficial property
The Leaves~For salads, juice of the day,tea,soups, porridge, pasta, breads, etc.
*Moringa can help to control diabetes and hypertension. 
*Moringa is said to be effective in treating ovarian cancer
*It help stop the growth of cancer cells
*It helps to boost your immune system
*It works to detoxify your body
*Boosts Energy Without Caffeine
*Acts as an antioxidant
*Takes care of the immune system of the body
*Increases the Natural Defenses of the body
*It’s great for pregnant because of its abundance of iron and lactating women because it increases milk production
*Beautifies your skin and Lowers the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
*Provides nourishment to the eyes and the brain
*Stimulates Hair growth
*Promotes natural Serum cholesterol
 *Promotes metabolism with bio-available ingredients
 *Promotes the Cell structure of the body
 *Promotes the normal functioning of the liver and the kidney
*Promotes energy
*Increases your sexual drive &Â Enhances sexual function
*Promotes proper digestion
*Promotes healthy circulatory system
*It is anti-inflammatory
*Gives a feeling of general wellness
 *Supports the normal sugar levels of the body
*In can control rheumatism, arthritis and anemia
*It can help restrict the growth of tumors
Moringa containing more than 90 nutrients and 46 antioxidants its nutrients are easily digested and assimilated by the human body. According to the annals of the ayurveda, Indias old tradition of medicines, the leaves of the Moringa Tree could treat at least 300 diseases .
Moringa leaf boosts your energy in a natural manner, and is a remarkable source of nutrition. This energy promotion does not happen because of sugar, so it is lasts for a long time. Individuals ingesting it say that their ulcers are healed, tumors restricted, there are reduction in the arthritis pains and inflammations, controlled blood pressure, the skin problems are restored, and finally they have stronger defenses against disease. 
So moringa is life plant and one of true gift and miracle tree of nature .
-Hemant Raj Kafle

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