Province Level Thematic Workshop will be held in Itahari


Itahari / The five-day province-level Thematic Workshop on Peace Education and Human Rights will be organized by Nepal Unites which is supported by the Interfaith Cooperation Forum and Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCAs.

Mohammed Ayatulla Rahman, President, and Founder of Nepal Unites said that the youths from heterogeneous ethnicity, cultures, faiths, religions, languages, and backgrounds have a role as sustainable peace. The youth can apply their learning to their working areas, clubs, organization, and daily life basis. Rahaman also said that the objective of the press meet to reach the message all around the ground and to become transparent of the program.

During the workshop, there will be a dialogue with the local people’s representatives on human rights issues and development at the local level. The participants’ balanced representation of gender from different faith, religion, and background will be invited from fourteen districts of this province.

Similarly, on the last day of the workshop, the participants will visit the ground area in the presence of local people’s representatives in Bhokraha, a rural area of Sunsari. During this field visit, the participants will able to identify the local issues, success messages, and local voice by participant’s face-to-face observation. The participants’ defined role as human rights defender and peace ambassador.


२०७७ फाल्गुन १८, मंगलवार प्रकाशित

निरन्तर समाचारको लागि तपाई हामीसँग फेसबुक / ट्विटरमायुट्युवमा पनि जोडिन सक्नुहुनेछ ।