Environmental protection: the responsibility of all of us


The environment is home to all living things. The existence of living beings depends on the environment. The process of life moves forward through the use of the natural resources of the environment. The condition of man today is entirely a gift of the environment. In fact, this development of the world is possible due to the extreme exploitation of the environment. The existence of human life depends on the environment. Whether it is physical environment or immaterial environment. Environmental conditions play an important role in the development process of an individual or a community.

The environment in particular can be divided into two parts. Which includes natural environment and social / cultural environment. In the general sense, we understand the environment, soil, forest, water, animals, birds, temperature, minerals, etc. around human society as natural environment, while we understand values, beliefs, customs, traditions, religion, social organization, relationships, transactions, etc. as social / cultural environment. . All living things on earth, except humans, live in a natural environment, and humans need both environments equally. “The environment provides the resources necessary for life and the environment is home to all living things,” said sociologists Dunlap and Katon.

This statement also shows the importance of environment for human beings. Despite the fact that the environment is linked to the existence of life, many problems have arisen in the world today due to human beings and adversities have been added to the environment. At a time when nature has entrusted human useful environment, today man has greatly exploited the environment in the race of development and has put his life at stake. Looking only at the momentary benefits, the environment is becoming unfavorable to human beings. Even now, people’s attention has not been fully focused on environmental protection. Excessive exploitation of natural resources in the environment has put human existence in jeopardy. Problems such as global warming, climate change, and desertification are seen as the most pressing problems in the world due to the destruction of weights and the consequent excessive de-emissions from the sun.

Problems such as environmental pollution have been seen in the course of development. Air pollution, water pollution, Recently, the concept that development including environment protection is sustainable development has also been put forward. In this regard, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) has been established at the international level on June 5, 1972. The Environmental Protection Act 2053 and the Environmental Protection Rules 2054 have also been brought in Nepal. Similarly, the rules and regulations of the Urban Development Committee Act 2019, Town Planning Plan Implementation Act 2039, Village Development Committee Act 2047, Municipal Act 2047 and Local Self-Governance 2055 Rules 2056 also mention legal provisions including issues related to environment. Similarly, the Ministry of Environment has also been established. Although steps have been taken to protect the environment at the national and international levels, these efforts have not been adequate and effective. The environment is a subject that has a direct impact on a person’s daily life. This is the burning issue facing the world today.

Development activities also destroy the environment. Today’s development is a sustainable development that does not affect the life process of future generations. The right to life of any creature should not be violated in the name of development. But this is happening. It is necessary to formulate and implement a more effective policy from the government level for the protection of the environment without delay. To control the misuse of natural resources, to allow development activities only after pre-assessing the environmental impact, to allow excessive air pollution, noise pollution vehicles, factories, It is necessary for the government to prepare and implement standards for chemical furnaces etc. based on the amount of pollution caused by them. In addition, an environment cell can be set up in every corner of the government body. By collaborating with the local community for the protection of the environment, it helps in creating a humane environment. It is equally necessary to engage in environmental protection from the grassroots level. Awareness programs on waste management, tree planting and conservation, proper use of natural resources, and environmental pollution can be conducted at the local level. It is our duty to pass on a clean environment to future generations. A clean environment is a right not only for us but also for our future children. Let’s think about this in time. Otherwise, we will be in trouble, and our children will curse us. Awareness program

-Dhirendra Kumar Chand 


२०७७ माघ १, बिहीबार प्रकाशित

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