It is time to look east for your next study abroad destination

Why choose China as your next study abroad destination for Nepalese students?
With over 2,914 colleges and universities, the Chinese education system with its economy has taken a great leap forward and there’s so much more to it.
Mostly for many China is much more about the high rise, fast trains, and dense population with people with different writing and language? No doubt China has become the new world economy and every year they seem to go towards better than last year. But with over 2,914 colleges and universities, the Chinese education system with its economy has taken a great leap forward and there’s so much more to it.
While the number of Nepalese students willing to study in Chinese universities has increased over the past few years it is still falling behind some of the western countries. The main reason behind it has been the Chinese universities and colleges are less intent in profit maximization from foreign students and more intent in improving their standard of education every year.
Hence, they do not get involved in high-end marketing advertisements. Therefore, trough this article I would also like to highlight the reason associated with choosing China as a destination for further education for Nepalese students;
· Fastest-Growing Economy for Decades
China is the second-largest economy in the world behind the United States, with its GDP (Gross Domestic Product) forecast to be around USD 19.5 trillion, or roughly 80% of U.S. GDP by 2023. Meaning the world’s top 500 companies do business in China it the opportunity for students in particular to work with these prestigious companies. The high chance of getting employed after graduating from the local universities is at an all-time high.
· Quality of Education
Recently, China has taken over the United States as the global leader in publishing S&E articles published accounting up to 20.67% of the global total in 2018. This shows China is striving to build more world-class universities and research-based studies. The investment into their higher education system has risen considerably in subjects majoring in engineering, science, medicine, economics, and trade. Similarly, Chinese university has signed agreements with several western universities to establish a joint research institute which will enable studies on global and complex issues.
· Chinese Great History and Culture
China has a great history and is rich in culture. With over 56 different ethnicities practicing several religions Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, etc. we can say China has an extremely diverse and multicultural society.
While due to modernization it is normal for many countries to forget or leave behind our history and culture. However, Chinese people are very proud of their history, and places of historic importance are kept in pristine conditions.
Confucius philosophy is deeply rooted in every Chinese and has been created for their success. Hence, the coming generation knows where they come from and be always proud of it. Similarly, you will tend to develop new eating habits for example dinners are completed before 7 Pm or 7:30 Pm which is not common in South Asian countries.
· New Language Benefits
It is very important to understand that if you want to master a new language it is always better to be in the host place as you come across different dialogues and hence you will not look full if you fail to understand the language when the same language is spoken in another dialogue. Similarly, with the introduction of Belt and Road Initiatives and over 900 billion dollars being invested in infrastructural development in the countries along the Belt and Road projects, it has become very important that you have a good grasp of mandarin if you are looking to work and travel around with the Chinese companies.
· China is Affordable
In context to Nepal and other underdeveloped countries, education is expensive especially in the fields of such engineering and medicine. Hence, with the low exchange rate and fewer fees compared to the United States China has become a favorite country.
On the other hand, the living cost in China especially in places like Yichang sometime becomes cheaper than host student countries. Similarly, every year students from all around the world are offered lucrative scholarships either being full or partial. On top of that, universities offer various scholarships for already admitted excellent students every year.
For more information about the scholarship students can contact the Chinese embassy in their respective countries as well as respective colleges where they intend to study.
· China is Next Door
It is common for South Asian students to look west for quality of education as these have been the trend from the past. However, for countries like Nepal China is more suitable than the western countries as it just behind the Himalaya and within a couple of hours of flight. While numbers of flights increasing every year the Nepalese students can be close to family and feel more like home. Similarly, while the founder of Buddhism Gautam Buddha being born in Lumbini Nepal and every Nepalese respecting the Buddha’s philosophy, similarities can be drawn in the opinion as many Chinese also believe in Buddhism.
These similarities will enable Nepalese students to settle in China much quicker and work on their task accordingly.
· New Era of Friendship
As Chinese President Xi said during the visiting Nepal it is important from both Nepal and China’s point of view that people to people connectivity be the focus of establishing a good mutual relationship between two countries. Hence, what’s better than students exchange and establish a joint-research institute both here in China and Nepal. This will enable minimize the cultural differences if any and broke down the language barriers as well.
Thus, for Nepalese students who intend to gain a quality of education and would like to work near home, China has become more than just an alternative. It clearly should be the go-to destination where exciting opportunities waits ahead.
(The writer of this article graduated in Masters of Management in Public Administration for China Three Gorges University and is admitted as a Ph.D. scholar in CTGU for Management Science and Engineering in Resettlement Science and Engineering for 2020)

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