Gastronomy Food Fest-2021, The Village Café by Sabah Nepal


Kathmandu / During this festive Season, The Village Café by Sabah Nepal – Jhaimiskhel –Patan going to incorporate Gastronomy Tourism with Agritourism. Developing the agritourism aspect, they will allow multi-generations frames to generate income streams and keep those farmers within their Families, The Farmers are not paid as per their hard work.

This event aims to increase the demand that would help in saving these indigenous varieties of rice and crops .The Village café by Sabah Nepal has been actively patenting various products to market them internationally too .

Historical agriculture is at high risk. Without the transition to another generation eventually agriculture heritage and culture will disappear. Many small farmers struggle to produce enough goods as well as to market their products. After COVID-19 even larger companies are facing unprecedented challenges. Nepal, having 66 percent people directly engaged in farming, is richly endowed with agro biodiversity, Rice, maize, millet, wheat, barley and Buckwheat are the major staple food and cash crops. Some of the most abject poverty in the world is concentrated in farming communities at market risk, like absence of market, poor price realization, high traction cost, poor bargaining power due to small marketed surplus that lead to low and unstable farm income for those products.

Sabah Nepal is an NGO Funded by SDF (SAARC Development Fund) established in 2009.  Work for regional integration in South Asia, through policy, dialog and engagement with eight country governments.

The world has over 100 million home-based workers and more than half this number are in South Asia of whom around 80 percent are women. Sabah Nepal has 45 thousand members all home based workers who are not recolonized by Nepal Government, Sabah Nepal makes them visible providing them with  different skills and Training  .SABAH focused on strengthening livelihood opportunities of home based workers , especially women , living in the SAARC region. Primarily through awareness and exposure development, capacity building, enhanced production techniques, intensive training and gaining a fair share of the mainstream Market. If we lose that rural lifestyle, we have really lost a big part of what made this country great. The event focuses on local foods, handicrafts immersing in the rural experience through Gastronomy Food Fest-2021 .

Friday 1st Oct -2021 onwards for 3 days Serving Exclusive Dinner Menu Cooked local indigenous varieties of ingredients on various cuisines in order to Promote Gastronomy Tourism and Agritourism  from different geographical regions of Nepal .

Hope everyone will take pride in tasting the Nepalese Genuine products and save our agriculture.

-Gajendra Malla

General Manager – The Village café by Sabah Nepal

Gastronomy Tourism Association of Nepal

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